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Elinchrom Maxispot with Pixapro Hybrid 360 in use

She does smile, honest! Lighting checks need to be taken seriously - NOT!!!
I've long been a fan of Elinchrom flash, modifiers and light shaping tools. Last year I was introduced to Pixapro portable battery flash, namely the CITI600 aka Godox AD600, which is fine, but the solutions to attach my existing Elinchrom soft boxes is clunky!

An unusual combination of gear creates beautiful light

Enter the Pixapro Hybrid 360 or PIKA200 (AD360 & AD200) and the S-Type or EL bracket adaptors which allow Bowens or Elinchrom soft boxes and light shapers to be used with these diminutive and deceptively powerful flashes.

Elinchrom 56cm Portalite Octa on standard EL clamp bracket
Efficiency improves with the adaptor plate in place as it puts the light where it's needed!
In the basic form the clamp bracket adaptors are inefficient as the light emitted from the flashes has nothing behind them to put the light where it's needed. Recently I illustrated how with the aid of a simple adaptor tha…

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