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Pixapro PIKA200 Godox AD200 vs Speedlite Power Test

Out of curiosity I had to try a direct test and the results are as expected! Some ask with the advent of the PIKA if Speedlites are necessary?

For me, yes. It's good to have a smaller less powerful light which can be used on camera - it's tricky & unwieldy mounting the PIKA 200 (AD200) to a camera bracket.

The Test
Flash 2m from exposure meter, ISO100, direct, no bounce:

PIKA200 with fresnel (speedlite head) ƒ/22 - 2 stops more than PIKA/AD200PIKA200 with 120º reflector ƒ/16 ½ 580 II Speedlite with head zoomed to 35mm ƒ/11 - 2 stops LESS than PIKA/AD200

Pixapro Li-ion 580II Speedlite zoomed to 35mm which I understand is the equivalent to the fresnel head for the PIKA200 - nor sure what the bright spots are in the shadow - will need to investigate when I get time!

Pixapro PIKA200 with fresnel Speedlite head - I'm wondering if the bright areas in the shadows are related to the fresnel head construction as it's common to the two fresnel heads.

Pixapro PIKA200 with 120º…

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