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One Light, Six Looks with Pixapro PIKA200

I've been using the Pixapro PIKA200 since earlier this year and find more and more that it's the light in my bag instead of a off-camera flash Speedlite!

This is a kit I've put together which will fit in the average camera shoulder bag or backpack such as a the Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise 50 or Lowepro Pro Runner 200 AW.


Pixapro PIKA200 aka Godox AD200, bare bulb & fresnel headsST-III flash trigger14cm 120ยบ degree reflector which doubles as a spill-kill for use with a umbrellaCollapsible shaft 43" translucent shoot through umbrella - folded size is important48cm 3-in-1 multi-purpose octa soft box5-in-1 pop-up reflectorCompact folding light standThe SPIG - useful when working with a lighting assistant or VAL (Voice Activated Light stand) to attach your light to a painters extension pole to use as a boom or even a bar clampGel Clip - a simple accessory to hold colour correction or FX gels in front of the fresnel headRosco Strobist Collection gels in a cre…

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